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Q - Security Services is a professional and comprehensive security service in Durban.

Q Security Services has a solution for all of your security needs.

We secure your premises, Guarding (armed/unarmed), Store Detectives, Armed Response, Guard Dogs and undercover Agents. We offer escorts and assistance in banking, assistance in opening and closing of businesses, Close Protection and VIP Protection.All of our Operatives are thoroughly trained and PSIRA registered so you can be confident of our services and credentials. We are all subject to continual training and licensing throughout our careers. Specialist areas that our training covers range from Trauma based Medical Emergency Training, Close Protection skills, Defensive and Tactical driving, Surveillance Skills, Communication Skills, Firearms Training, Protocol and Dynamic Risk Assessments.

  • Our aim is to provide a genuine personal service.
  • Our attention to detail gives us our reputation for professionalism.

Taking into consideration that every customer has different needs which requires individual attention we try our best to provide individual service for each of our clients and their security needs; a secure environment for your organization, your locations or event.

Our company was founded in mid 1987 and with gathering of information and training in the security industry, Q Security Services was established in 1989.

Mr. Aroon Chander shares a collective experience of 20 years in the Security Industry, previously holding the position of Security Operations Manager.

from the beginning our aim is to:

  • Provide a more comprehensive service in the Security Industry, utilizing the fundamental risk management principals.
  • Enhance the Client / Contractor relationship by enforcing regulated controls and systems.
  • Combine the basic risk management functions, loss prevention controls, safety and health principals, fire awareness and techniques.
  • Providing our Clients with a personalized service, ensuring open lines of communication with immediate armed response to incidents and emergencies.
  • Guarantee our Client's peace of mind through adequate, efficient and effective solutions to security needs.
  • Ensure our Clients / Contractors are happy resulting in a long-term relationship, which is most essential to this Company.

Type of Services

 Q Security's Guard Division specialises in rendering professional and effective guarding and high-risk protection services to a variety of businesses and private individuals.

Our strength lies in the fact that the strictest criteria apply in both the selection and training program to ensure the personnel conform to the following standards:

  • Well groomed, confident and well spoken.
  • Trained in general security duties, as well as references to our client's specific situation and requirements.
  • The correct and legal use of firearms correct search and arrest procedures.
  • Effective access control.
  • Armed/Unarmed tactical protection and Management threat force.
  • Threat level evaluation.
  • Critical incident related training

Q-Security Officers are trained

Q-Security officers are all trained in specialist VIP Protection techniques, and undergo a public relations course with direct relevance to their position and the level of people they are to deal with.

Should any specialised equipment be installed and utilized for security measures, we will ensure that the officers on premises are fully informed with the monitoring and use of all relevant terminals, control units and monitoring devices.

Officers responsible for security at the client's premises will also be knowledgeable with regard to both surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques.

Security personnel are supervised by the highly disciplined and professional management and staff of Q Security - all schooled in diverse intelligence service and training.